Everything in the world needs some sort of maintenance, and your asphalt is no different. If you don’t put forth the effort of maintaining your asphalt, you’ll end up with damaged portions sooner or later. Potholes and cracking can be dangerous, and costly if not taken care of quickly. Southtex Asphalt Services is here to help you with asphalt patching before it gets out of control.

asphalt patching Houston repairWith over 40 years of experience, all in the Greater Houston Area, our crew at Southtex Asphalt Services is more than capable of handling any asphalt patching projects. Your Southtex Asphalt team
is trained to deliver the highest quality of work. Here at Southtex Asphalt Services, we take pride in the quality of your asphalt patching project.

All of the equipment used by Southtex is top of the line. Patching and repairing your asphalt can be an investment, and we want to ensure that all work done for you meets your expectations. Because of this, we ensure all of our asphalt patching projects.

Here’s what we can help you with:

  • Retail parking lots
  • Mall parking lots
  • Business parking lots
  • Stadium parking
  • Strip centers
  • Hospital parking
  • Restaurant parking areas
  • Chemical plant or industrial employee parking
  • City, county or local municipality roadways & more

Southtex Asphalt takes pride in how quickly we can complete your asphalt job. We finish the job in a timely matter and work around your busy schedule. We understand that any repair work can negatively affect business if gone about the wrong way. With years of experience of working efficiently without affecting our clients’ business negatively, we have it down to an art. Southtex goes above and beyond to keep your business flowing.

Does your commercial or industrial parking lot need asphalt patching work?

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